My Loving Memory of Georgia Blaz

Georgia was my long time best friend and I considered
her to be like a sister to me. She was born on May 20,
1944 and passed away on April 11, 2006 after a long
battle with cancer. We met in 1986 at the Golden West
Club in Southern California, where we both lived at the
time. You could find us dancing several nights a week at
the club while tossing back a few beers!
After I moved to Central California in 1988, it wasn't long that
Georgia and her family followed us!  At that time, we
rode on the back of our husband's Harleys. After I got my
bike, Georgia was able to ride in my sidecar on one
occassion. I took her on the back country roads of
Woodlake and she swore up and down that I was
purposely hitting every pothole in the County.  I will
never forget looking over at her as she is holding her
boobs with one hand (to keep them from bouncing!) and
giving me the "thumbs up" with the other!

Georgia's husband Terry, gave me a heart shaped locket
with some of her ashes in it, that I proudly wear to honor
her memory. Georgia may be gone from this earth, but
her memory will always be in my heart! Love you

SideCar Cindy
Georgia Blaz
May 20, 1944  -  April 11, 2006